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Should I Allow Marijuana Usage In My Rental?

Many people benefit from medical marijuana usage and hold a card issued annually by the Oregon Health Authority with a  written prescription from a licensed doctor.  This card allows the patient to use marijuana in Oregon however, it does not make it legal for public usage and federal laws will override it in court.

There are a few things to know as an owner or landlord before making the decision to allow or not allow usage in your rental home.  First decide if you allow smoking in the home.  If not, you can allow them to “ingest” the medicine only by eating or drinking instead of smoking it.

Make sure you and your tenants understand the laws and requirements and put them in writing by adding them to your lease agreement.   You can allow the usage but not allow the growing and harvesting, this decision is up to you and what you are comfortable with inside your rental property. Also make sure to add in the lease agreement that if complaints are issued by neighbors or others for the usage, smell, etc. that the lease may be terminated if the issue cannot be corrected.

If you are going to allow the tenants to use marijuana in your rental under special terms and agreements written in your lease agreement make sure to keep a copy of the users card and the doctors authorization within your records and update it annually.  As of today in Oregon the holder of the card is allowed to have 6 mature plants, 18 seedlings starts, and 24oz of usable marijuana at one time. It is important to monitor this and make sure that the user stays within the limits. If the user does not stay within those limits the lease should be terminated. Also make sure that the tenant understands that usage should not be in public or seen by other tenants and not to be used in any common areas shared by other tenants.

If you follow these guidelines you should be able to allow the usage of medical marijuana in your rental home without problems. It is important to do regular inspections on your rental properties and this is the only way to monitor if a tenant is following the terms of the lease agreement. If inspections and managing are getting the best of you, call Tri County Management, LLC and let us reduce your stress and manage for you. We can bring in hassle free rents, pay all your bills and send you the rent check every month while you rest or go on vacation.