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Why Inspections?

One of the drawbacks to being a renter is those pesky inspections. Tenants sometimes feel that they are an invasion of their privacy. In some ways that can be true however, these inspections can benefit the tenant, the owner and  the property manager. Homes take a lot of maintenance weather being lived in or not. these inspections are done as a way to communicate to the owner the condition of the home and relay any repairs or maintenance issues to them through the property manager. If you look at inspections in this way you too may soon see the advantages.



Tenants benefit from repairs in many ways. If plumbing leaks are found or the flooring is very worn and old or there are broken hinges on old cabinets, upgrades that need to be done such as new roof, siding or gutters need to be cleaned. These issues are relayed on a report to the owner as a condition that could be fixed in order to maintain or improve the home. Tenants may get upgrades they did not expect or even ask for.

Owners benefit in many ways also. The inspection report tells them what things may need to be fixed, replaced or updated. They can take care of the issues before they cause more damage and more costly repairs. It helps them protect or raise the value of their investment.  The report also tells them how the home is being taken care of by the tenants but allows them to do improvements that the tenants may appreciate and benefit from.

The property Manager also benefits by this inspection. The manager is responsible to do at least one inspection per year. This allows the manager to communicate with the tenants and the owners about the condition of the home. It’s an opportunity for tenants to ask questions and relay messages they may not have taken time to inform the manager about. These reports are proof that the manager is doing what they are being paid to do. It’s important to do a good complete report and list things that are in good condition as well as things that need to be repaired.

Clipboard with checklist on white background, 3d imageThe manager should provide pictures of the things you have listed on the report that need repair. These pictures prove to the owner that there is damage and to what extent. It helps them make a decision about the repair. After the repairs are done the property manager can send “after” pictures to the owner as well. This service is provided for everyones benefit and to maintain the home as best as possible.