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Companion Animals


Pet lovers are guardians to more than 100 million dogs & cats in the U.S. and spend more than 35 billion on their furry friends. Oregon has the 4th highest percentage of pet owners in the U.S. at over 63%!

Think again before you place that for rent sign that says in large letters “NO PETS”.
Just by not allowing pets in your rental you are slashing more than 1/2 of your rental options and possible applicants. If your home has a large back yard and would be a great home for a companion why not let them have their pet. You can and should monitor and inspect the home for damages. You can and should make the tenant responsible for all damages done by the pet. It up to you as the owner or manager to do your inspections, communicate with the tenants about what you expect and follow through with what you say you will do when those expectations are not met even if it means eviction.

Pets are hard on things yes but so are people. In my opinion it is the owners who don’t discipline or have time for their pets that should be to blame. We find ourselves in a fast paced working world where no one is home for hours on end and left at home for hours on end are those high lovin’ pets that we thought we had time for when we fell in love with its cute little face as a puppy or kitten. But those animals grow up and get big just like kids but kids learn to be independent and move out eventually. Pets do not, they rely on you every single day of their lives.

As an owner or manager of rental properties you can allow pets and feel confident about it if you communicate with your tenants about your expectations, do regular inspections and make sure you disclose how many times per year you will do those inspections. Also communicate what will happen if those expectations are not met. You can have breed restrictions too. Know the laws in your state and follow them. also be familiar with the companion pet laws in your state. Companion pets have become a very popular “perscription” written from doctors these days. People with pets are usually more than happy to pay extra for their furry friends. I charge pet rent per pet and add it right to the monthly rent for pets in my homes. If tenants have a companion animal check your laws on deposits and make sure you get the proper documentation on file. Do not take a tenant or applicants word that the pet has been through obedience classes, ask for copies of the documents.

I suggest having a 2 pet maximum and allow only friendly breeds that do not have an aggressive behavior or history. Here is a list of breeds that you should NOT accept:

* Akita
* Bloodhound
* Boxer
* Chow
* Dalmatian
* Doberman Pincher
* German Shepard
* Pit Bull
* Rottweiler
* Staffordshire Terrier
* Standard Poodle

If you are one that has trouble inspecting your property and or communicating with tenants about such things I strongly suggest calling a property management company to help you. So make your tenants happy and say Yes to their pet!