Some Basic Rental Requirements You Should Always Ask Your Applicants


Always screen your tenants. You can pre-screen them over the phone so that if they do not meet all of your required criteria you won’t waste their time or yours showing them a home they may not qualify for.  Use these guidelines when pre-screening. 

1)Monthly income at least 2 times the rent.

2)Currently employed for no less than 6 months and/or proof of monthly funds from other sources.

3)No recent evictions.

4)Good rental history from non family members. No NSF checks, late rent, evictions or complaints within 1 year.

5)Good credit score with no recent outstanding debts.

6)No criminal activity within 7 years.

Tri County Management uses these guidelines when seeking for tenants. This is the first step to locating great tenants.

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    Because a lot of inquiries for apartments call with questions about qualifications for renting, it’s a good idea for anyone on the market for a new home to be familiar with a few typical guidelines. The pre-screening tips below are for landlords, but they’re good for renters to know as well. Be aware that these guidelines are not standard and not all landlords or rental companies follow these exact ones. For example, Alvern Gardens Apartments does not require you to be employed for at least 6 months before applying, all they need is a letter from your new employer indicating your income. However, they also require a gross (combined) income of at least 3 times the rent.

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