Section 8 Is Great!

Who wouldn’t want guaranteed rent, on time, every month? Section 8 program is a great program offered through Home Forward to those who need rent assistance.  Home Forward is a public corporation in Oregon established in 1941. These days you are quite lucky to be a receiver of these benefits due to the long waiting list there now is. This program helps so many people and we are lucky to have it available here in Oregon.

To qualify an applicant for a rental home with a section 8 voucher you can use the same requirements as for all other applicants. Verify their income to be at least 2 times their portion of the rent. Verify all sources of their income just as you would any other applicant.

Another great benefit of renting to a tenant on the section 8 program through Home Forward is the incentive of 100.00 they provide to anyone who approves and provides housing for a tenant or family on the voucher program. They also provide assistance for residence to help them move towards economic independence from public assistance through training, education and employment.

Home Forward also does yearly inspections to insure that the rental home is safe, has all the required smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, all outlet covers, no peeling paint, etc. this is a great opportunity for the manager or owner to do their inspection as well.


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