10 Reasons To Use A Property Manager

There are many reasons to hire a property management company.  These are the most common listed.  Give yourself a break and let Tri County Management handle your investment for you!

  1. 24 Hr Emergency Services ~ Property managers are always on call and have established contracts with many supplier vendors for repairs. Owners can take a break. Let owning a rental property be stress free!
  2. Regular Inspections ~ Tri County Management, LLC does regular maintenance inspections every 6 months. Reports should be provided by your management company listing anything needing attention.
  3. Maintenance & Property Upkeep ~ A property management co will help you keep your properties value up by doing repairs and routine maintenance. Our inspections will keep you informed on the condition of the home and if any repairs are needed.
  4. Tenant Screening ~ Rental requirements and applicant screening services will insure you get tenants that qualify to rent your home and meet all criteria necessary.
  5. Proper Paperwork & Legal Forms ~ Management companies use forms that are drawn up by attorneys and recognized by the courts.  Management companies also keep up to date on the ever changing laws and have access to all legal forms needed within the industry.
  6. Rent Payments Enforced Effectively ~ No more excuses!  Rent is due in advance and should be paid according to the terms set forth and no excuses are allowed.
  7. Monthly Accounting ~ Easy to understand accounting is provided monthly of your trust account funds.
  8. End Of Year Categorized Statements ~ At the end of every year you will receive an itemized statement of funds for your tax write-offs.
  9. Avoid Legal Issues ~ Property managers work hard to represent the owner at all times. Any legal issues can be handled by the management company on the owners behalf.
  10. More Freedom & Less Stress ~ If you want to travel or move out of town a management company can handle all of the issues of rental property. Tri County Management, LLC is licensed and insured and has over a decade of experience managing residential properties.

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